Bus Ride- Pariah Da Poetic

1996: Started writing poetry.

1997: Learned the meaning of "Pariah" as he was becoming a known poet in high school.

1999: Created a unique rap project for his Physics class in high school with Bryan Smith (Twelve), which eventually became his first music video ever and caught the attention of the local news. Joined the U.S. Air Force 2 weeks after graduating High School and started to find his style of rapping after Basic Training in Texas after meeting Jason Lauth and Randy Bingham.

2000: Entered into the Black History Month Apollo Contest in England. Achieved his first on stage performances in various night clubs alongside Dragon J, M.C. Phrase, and D.J. Greg Rock.

2001: Entered into an M.C. Battle vs. Mr. Merlin, who eventually became his super producer. Created his very first official album "Cryptic To Society", which feature producers Mr. Merlin, Brown Bomba, and Nitro, and featured artists Dragon J, Mr. Merlin, and Tigero.

2002: Pursued to make his 2nd Album, during which he ended up on a mixtape hosted by D.J. Jazzy Jeff called "The Future Mixtape", produced by Ojay, which feature super freestyle M.C. and phenom Arkaic.

2003: Left the military and became a government contractor, returned to America and met Joyce Licorish, who later introduced him to Deaon Smith, Bashiri Asad, Alaina Renea, and other singers while karaoke.

2004-2007: Continued writing and producing songs for other artists and helped others pursue music, but never released anything due to personal setbacks and government jobs. Headed to Dubai, Pharrell from N.E.R.D. heard his music at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis and loved it! He then released his 2nd Album "That's Enough"

2008: Returned from Dubai to the USA, decided to build a personal home studio, and Joyce Licorish recruited him to be an actor in a play called "The Birth Of Soul", which is where he met many amazingly talented performers, which included Josh Gilbert from New Order (nephew of Babyface and the Edmonds family), Travasha Winfrey (Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, professional dancer, modeler, and singer), and Highly Known Soul Singer Bashiri Asad (of Zenobia Green). Josh came up with the song Leaning and Rocking, which in turn was placed on the Indianapolis Colts website, Travasha got him hired onto the Indianapolis Colts Staff as a mixer for the cheerleaders and the home game halftime shows, and Bashiri Asad worked with him on Bashiri's first original album and collaboration project called The Heart Spoken Project.

2009-2010: Worked with well over 35 artists and producers and slowly started "getting a name" for himself in the city of Indianapolis.

2011: Finally decided to work on a 3rd solo project called "Like A Thief In The Night",
which included major hot artists such as Tony Styxx, Alpha Live, T-Dub, Ed Money, and Bashiri Asad. Major success.

2012: Started another project called "World Of Balance"

2013: Starred in the Birth Of Soul again in Indianapolis, IN at the Anthenaeum Theatre, along with the talents of Joyce Licorish, Bashiri Asad, Deaon Smith, and many more talents. Also opened with Tony Styxx for the Laugh Out Lounge hosted by Dwayne Cobb, part of The Happy Hour with Lisa Hughes (Founder of The Relationship Soup). Nominated for Coldest Hip-Hop Artist and Best Producer in Indianapolis.

2014: Participated in "The Cypher: A Pete Rock Tribute". Finished the production of "The Green House Affect", Hosted by Jus Will. Made a  music video for "Relax".  Also performed at the Lucas Oil Stadium for Circle City Classic.

2015: Released "The World Of Balance", which features L.Boogie, Lisa Hughes from "The Relationship Soup", Lexy Lopez from Portugal, Gemma Murray from England, Farayi "Mr. Merlin" Murengue from Africa, and Deaon "Forever" Smith from Indiana. Also released both production project of  "Get Rich Or Die Writing" and "Evening Service" with Jus Will.

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