Bus Ride- Pariah Da Poetic

Born and raised on the Eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana (USA), Pariah came up from a very diverse upbringing and learned the values of life through his family, mainly his mother, and music. He grew a natural interest in playing the drums by watching his oldest brother who self taught him how to play at the age of 6. He would listen to 60's and 70's Soul and R&B, Jazz, old school and underground hip-hop (mainly Outkast's 1994 Southerplayalisticcaddiacmusik, The Roots, Ice Cube, and The Fugees albums). Not known of his own ability to write rhymes, he went through many hard times and tribulations that made him mature at a young age. Then after a sudden tragic event that occurred between him and a very close friend at the age of 15, he decided not to talk about his emotions and thoughts, but rather write them down through poetry. He wrote so much at home and in high school. His mother, teachers and students realize that he possessed the ability to capture ones attention with the words that he wrote. He decided to name himself Pariah after learning its meaning in Etymology class. And yet still not grasping his talent, he went on to the U.S. Air Force at the age of 17 to keep from living the hard streets he was brought upon. It was only then that, as he continued to write, he had friends that heard him speak the words that he wrote and realized the rhythm and power behind his speech. He decided to seek instrumentals and say his poetry over beats. Afterwards people would gather around his area and listen to his rhymes and realized that he was different and had good meaning behind his lyrics. He took this new method to the UK where he was stationed. He understood then that he could reach to people this way and decided to start rapping. He entered talent shows and searched for other artist to work with and started to build the confidence to add character behind his rhymes. Show after show he gained respect from artist and hip-hop fans all around the UK. He was later founded by a superb producer from Zimbabwe named Mr. Merlin in Norwich at a MC Battle and heard a certain sound that he liked in his lyrical content. They came together and created an album called Cryptic 2 Society that caught the eyes and ears of many. Afterwards he would teach Pariah how to make beats with the Reason Program and collaborated with other artists that Merlin was working with. Then he met the talented Ojay thru a mutual friend, later met phenomenal rapper and mc battler Arkaic, his crew, and many other local talents around the world. The rest is history, which is now.

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